9 Sun-Resistant Ornamental Plants for Front Yard Landscaping


The weather in our house is very hot and very hot, with occasional rain and a little cold wind. To bring winter wood to plant, it would be difficult to grow or not as strong. Would it be better to try to turn to the ornamental plants for tropical gardening or can grow well in our home climate? Because the beauty of the tropical plants is no less than that of the winter trees. Even the ornamental plants are still colorful to impress. With 10 types of gardening trees that are suitable for landscaping in our home the most

1. Koson

Kosol is a sacred ornamental plant that is in the same family as Poi Sian. It is a canopy shape with long slender leaves and different colors. In the past, Thai people believed that if any house was planted with a koson, it would be equal to creating merit and creating a charity. In addition, Koson also helps absorb toxins around it as well. It is best to bring in the front garden because it is a plant that likes full sun. Take care of watering a lot once a day and keep adding compost and manure to the root area only once a month.

2. Fern

When talking about decorative plants that help create an atmosphere that makes the house look green like a forest, then you must first think of ferns. It is divided into many species and is also a popular auspicious plant that enhances the honor of the family as well. To put a hanging pot or to plant in the soil, it should be in an area with little sunlight and high humidity. Take care of it by watering them every day, but don’t water a lot until wet. Then the leaf litter was applied to cover the soil to prevent moisture evaporation. In addition, the compost or manure should be dissolved with water to the base of the plant once a month while trimming the rotten parts regularly.

3. Female

Mak Ma Mak is an ornamental plant that can make a difference to the general ornamental garden due to its colorful foliage. It is a canopy shape with long slender leaves and emits a nightly scent. Female betel nuts are easy to grow. Easy to take care of, just set the sun exposure. And watering, but just enough to prevent water scrubbing in the soil until the roots are spoiled. In addition, regular fertilizers should be applied every 3 months.

4. Bon color

Reputed to be “Queen of the Leaf” this size would not be presented, it would be impossible. Bon Si has many species together. It is an auspicious tree that will help protect the people in the home to live happily and peacefully. It has a height of 0.5-1 m. The leaves spread wide and long. There are beautiful colors and patterns. As for the care, it must be set in the direction of the hot sun. Water a lot, but not too wet, both morning and evening. Because it requires humidity to control the temperature while creating pigment from sunlight

5. Thy

Although it is a plant in the palm family, it is considered a tillering palm. It is popular to be landscaped and planted in buildings. Because it is an ornamental plant that helps absorb toxins well Jang is originated in our area, which is divided into 2 types: Jang Chiang Mai and Jang Lao. In our house, it is popular to bring Chiang Mai to the garden most of the time because it is only 5 meters high when fully grown. It is also easy to care for, not difficult to take care of. Just plant it in a sunny place, moderate watering, add compost only once a month by dissolving water and watering to the base of the plant. But for those who grow in pots, they have to change the pots every year as well.

6. Pineapple color

It can be said that it is a trend to decorate the garden that it is for pineapples, ornamental plants in the garden with beautiful colorful leaves. Should be planted in the coconut sheath that is well drained and aired. Because the pineapple has air roots. Should be taken care of naturally, there is no need to add fertilizers because it will make the plant less tolerant of the surrounding conditions. It is recommended to plant in a slightly sunny direction for the leaves to show their color just right, moderate watering.

7. Pandanus

Pandanus is considered an ornamental and herb that is most deserving of Thai people. Because in addition to being able to decorate the garden beautifully It can also be used in cooking and as an herbal tonic. It is a canopy shrub with long slender leaves with a groove in the middle of the leaf. And has a unique fragrance The maintenance method is not very complicated. Just keep getting rid of weeds that steal nutrients away. Planted in a sunny area. But if planted by the water, it is better because pandan loves moisture Along with adding compost and manure to nourish the tree and grow

8. Nail Krut

Nail Krut is one of the most popular ornamental plants to decorate their homes and gardens. Which most popularly planted along the fence The trunk has a circular leaf. There are notches like feathers. It has thorns like the nails. The edge of the leaves is cream color. Maintain the soil in a condition that is easily drained. Set in a direction with direct sunlight and not too much sunlight. Always prune the branches to be beautiful when they start to be large. Water well, but not wet. Shovel the soil and add some fertilizers from time to time.

9. Supachok

Supachok, another auspicious ornamental plant, believed that if planted in the house, it will help to bring wealth to flow continuously. Is a perennial plant, about 6-8 meters tall, with slender and long leaves arranged next to each other, spreading canopy shape. The care is not difficult, just do not expose to direct light. Other than that, take care as usual, moderate watering and fertilizing to add some nutrients.

Anyone looking for gardening ideas, but do not want to find difficult winter plants Try to bring the ideas of tropical plants that we bring today to decorate your garden. And will know how beautiful it is to suit the climate of our home

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