10 landscaping plants like water Suitable for landscaping in the rainy season.


During heavy rain like this Many people are probably starting to fear that the plants in the garden will not withstand the strong rain or the water will cause too much root rot to die. Today, the jar dot com would like to collect plants, landscaping, rain-resistant or like water. For the early garden to receive the wet rain at home Let our garden remain beautiful, beautiful, green throughout this rainy season.

1. Spotted betel

Easy ivy, easy to grow, can be planted in the ground or can be planted in water. Because it is an ornamental plant that loves water a lot It is also a sacred tree that looks like a heart-shaped leaf, making it only for people to love. There are different species, such as the marble queen, the golden queen, and the giant spotted betel. If grown in water, it is best to use clean water or well water because it contains a lot of minerals. Dissolve the fertilizer with water 2 times a month and don’t forget to change the alkaline betel water too.

2.Glass glasses

Another ivy that is suitable for the rainy season The leaves and stems are similar to the Asiatic. But the glass blade has a more oily drive surface Popularly planted in shallow water or near the pond. It is a plant that likes high humidity. In addition to decorating the garden beautifully Is also an herb that helps cure bruising in It is good for treating red eyes, bloating and diuretic. And is an auspicious tree that helps to strengthen the feng shui of money and gold to pour in as well

3. Pandanus

Useful ornamental plants that can be used for baking and cooking. It is a monocotyledonous plant that grows in clump with slender and fragrant leaves, like water, moisture and poor sunlight. Suitable for planting by the pond. Always add fertilizers and manure. And should take care not to have any weeds growing up

4. Bell

Monocotyledon Same type as Bon It has wide leaves, heart-like, water-loving, humid and sunny, helping to absorb excess moisture in the garden as well. Propagate a sprout The rhizomes can be cooked for cooking. It has properties to help cure cough, constipation, wound healing and red skin swelling.

5. Lam Peng

Lam Peng or Pak Kut many people are familiar with. It is a plant in the same family as ferns with long slender leaves that glide along the trunk of a large tree. That prefers water and moisture to the top. Lampeng grows well in waterlogged soils. Despite the heavy rain, Lam Peng can still decorate the garden beautifully. Propagated by planting the rhizome into the soil. It does not need much care, just let it hit the water, the light will grow plump, which we can collect to eat as food. Because it contains substances that help fight free radicals, quench heat, nourish blood and diuretic

6. Tabaek

Trabae is a large evergreen perennial. Elliptical Flowering in a bouquet of purple rose apple. Even during the rainy season, it will bloom more beautiful than usual. Propagated by seeds Prefers full sun and moderate water They are planted in the garden to provide shade. And is also a sacred tree to help fortune as well

7. Thong Lang Lai

It is a perennial plant that is planted as an ornamental plant in the garden. The leaves are like triangles. In alternate order The face of the leaf has white lines with the pattern of the leaves. Propagated by cuttings Easy to maintain Likes water and sunlight Is a sacred tree that allows money to flow And enhance the prosperity of the people in the house

8. In Chan

The Innchan is an ornamental plant that gives a unique scent. Output the shape of a round and key. The leaves are slender and sharp. It is a round canopy perennial Propagated by planting seeds, loves water, is a long-lived but slow-growing tree. It has properties to help nourish the nerves, cure fever and drive parasites.

9. Sal

Phayom is a deciduous perennial that is classified in the rubber tree family. The leaves are oval and slender. Flowering is a white and fragrant bouquet. Planted by means of growing seedlings from seed. Easy to maintain

10. Peep

Medium sized perennials The leaves are composite leaves. Flowers are white bouquets Propagated by planting seeds in the soil or cuttings. Loves water and humidity a lot If it is planted in the house, it will help block the sun, give shade and give off a fragrant smell. It is a sacred tree that makes it possible to store a lot of money and gold and is loved by common people.

During this heavy rain Do not think that you can make a beautiful garden, just choose the type of plants, flowers, or trees, arrange the garden to suit the weather, as we have come together today. The plants in your garden are ready to bring out branches to refresh your garden.

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