9 health benefits of garlic


It can be seen that strong herbs and spices like garlic are a staple in many dishes, both Thai and international. That is because garlic is beneficial in both the flavor. And there are many benefits to our health as well, but the strong smell of garlic may make many people shook their head. Today we have the benefits of garlic to tell you each other. In case next time, the next time will be willing to eat garlic willingly.

1. Solve the problem of hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that bother many people, especially long-haired girls. And hair that has undergone various chemicals such as perming, dyeing or straightening, but do you know that Garlic can help stop these problems effectively. Just slice the garlic into thin slices and bring it to head massage. Or you can mix it in the oil and massage your head as well. Because garlic is high in allicin and sulfur, which are effective in reducing hair loss.

2. Treat acne

Garlic is a natural acne treatment. It is very effective. Because it has anti-oxidant Which has the effect of killing bacteria under control Therefore, we are able to kill the bacteria that cause acne. By slicing fresh garlic thinly and applying a compress onto the pimple and leaving it for a while Then rinse with clean water At this point, the pimple distractions will surely disappear.

3. Prevention and treatment of colds

If we have enough antioxidants in the immune system It is difficult for us to get sick. So it would be nice if we could add antioxidants to our body to fight various diseases by eating garlic on a regular basis. But if your defense doesn’t seem to catch up right now Because the cold has already threatened We can easily get rid of the cold by cutting garlic into glasses. Soak it in hot water for 2-3 minutes and strain it out. Sip it with warm garlic tea, or if you can’t stand the smell. You can add a little honey or ginger juice.

4. Relieve inflammation from psoriasis.

When garlic has anti-inflammatory effects Therefore, it helps to relieve inflammation from red rash well. Especially the red rash caused by psoriasis To apply garlic oil to the wound. So that the flakes go away And can reduce the red rash on the skin

5. Help control weight

A study by Nutritionist Cynthia Sass conducted with rats eating garlic found that The rats who ate garlic had reduced weight and fat accumulation. So try to eat a lot of garlic in your diet, or for people who really can’t stand the smell, opt for a supplement, such as: Garlic tablets are fine.

6. Remove the burr.

A splinter on our feet or hands It can be easily eliminated by applying a thin slice of garlic and wrapping it with a bandage. This method is a natural method that has been used for a long time. And has been recognized as a method that actually works with it

7. Eliminate foot odor.

Foot odor problem is caused by the feet encountering dampness. Cause mold This was followed by an unpleasant smell and itching. But we can easily solve the problem by soaking your feet in warm water mixed with crushed garlic. Leave it for a while The unpleasant smell and the itching will disappear. Because garlic has a fungicide effect

8. Repel mosquitoes and insect bites.

Scientists do not yet believe that garlic will be able to repel mosquitoes and insects. But there are research results from India that found People who put garlic on their limbs It will be less disturbed by mosquitoes and insect bites of all kinds than people who do not. So he recommends making a simple mosquito repellent by mixing garlic oil. Petroleum gel And wax together Or you can apply fresh garlic on your limbs to prevent mosquitoes, whichever is more convenient.

9. Treat cold sore

Cold sore disease is caused by Human Herpesvirus Type 6 (HHV 6), whose symptoms are similar to measles. Or chickenpox Because there will be a red blister And inflammatory wounds on the body Which the natural remedy that is effective is Apply the crushed garlic directly to the wound. To treat inflammation and reduce swelling Together with eating garlic extract supplements such as garlic pellets. Or garlic oil will help the wound heal faster.

You see, garlic is really infinitely useful, I know this. Anyone who likes to scrape garlic on the side of the plate because they can’t stand the smell. I would have to hold my breath and close my eyes to swallow this useful spice anyway. But if you think that you really cannot stand both the smell and the taste Now there are a lot of options as a supplement, you can buy it and eat it for good health.

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