Holy Basil Can Be Both Food And Medicine


Many people already know that In addition, holy basil is an excellent ingredient in cooking. The properties of holy basil There are still a lot of help from pain relief from diarrhea to lowering blood pressure. Anyone who has not tried this is considered a mistake.

The properties of Holy Basil

1.Anti-oxidation effect

Eating basil extract 10 mg / kg. Before radiation lab mice Mice fed the extract had chromosomal aberration, bone marrow cells isolated from mice that were exposed to 4.5 Gy for 5 days in a row were lower than the control group, resulting in GSH, GST, glutathione reductase (GSPx) levels, and SOD levels in the liver are elevated. But reduce lipid oxidation

2. Reducing blood pressure effect.

A study in dogs found that fixed oil from basil has antihypertensive effects. Which may have effects from the distal vascular effect And believed to have properties to inhibit platelet cohesion Increase the time of blood clotting

3. Reducing effect of blood fat content and net cholesterol content.

It was found that the hypoglycemic effect came from the antioxidant ability of holy basil. The rabbits that were given fresh basil mixed with food, size 1-2 g / kg / day for 4 weeks, had the quantity. Net cholesterol Triglycerides, phospholipids, and bad fats (LDL-Cholesterol) decreased and the Good Fat (HDL-Cholesterol) and Cholesterol in Feces increased

4. Effect on the heart system

After giving 50 and 100 mg / kg / day fresh basil leaves for 30 days, it was induced to myocardial infarction. isoproterenol It was found that ground basil leaves increased cardiac oxidation, increased GSH, SOD, catalase and GPx activity levels, and reduced lipid peroxidation and myocardial death.

5. Resolve poison from insect bites.

By cooking basil leaves mixed with white wine And apply it to the area that has been bitten by a poisonous animal, can help neutralize the poison However, the ingredients that have been taken should not be taken. This is because it contains eugenols that cause stomach irritation. And it can also cause a coma.

6.Add milk to mothers after giving birth

Eating basil often. In the postpartum period It will help the mother to have enough milk for the baby to drink. However, mothers can mix basil leaves and mix them into various food menus. As needed, such as Kaeng Liang, which mom can add about a handful of basil leaves, just this will help the taste delicious It also helps to increase the milk as well.

7. Helps to expel excess fat from the body.

Holy basil has the effect of excreting excess fat and sugar from the body effectively. It also reduces the level of body fat. As well as helping to reduce the level of sugar in the blood as well, it also helps prevent diabetes as well.

8. Prevent cancer

Holy basil is a vegetable that has properties that help prevent cancer as well. Which has led to scientific studies And there is one research that has been studied about the medicinal properties of basil leaves. Can help inhibit the division of cancer cells in the mouth.

9. Help control diabetes

One study shows that basil affects blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The results of the experiment showed that Holy basil stabilizes the blood sugar level of the patient while fasting and after meals. Decreased during the trial The patients’ blood sugar levels during fasting decreased by 17.6%, while the blood sugar levels after the patients had a diet decreased by 7.3%.

10. Maintain oral health.

One study was tried using mouthwash from products such as basil, chlorhexidine, and salt water.The results showed that people who gargle with basil had reduced plaque and gingivitis levels. Compared with those who take chlorhexidine More importantly, it does not cause any side effects as well.

How to eat Holy Basil to be safe and good for health

Basil is generally a common dish on the dining table. Eating basil in moderation will not have any harmful effect on the body.

Short-term eating basil may be safe for your health. But should not consume holy basil for a long time To treat health problems Since medical information has not yet been shown to be safe.
Pregnant and lactating women should avoid eating basil. As there is no reliable data on the use of this plant for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Should stop consuming or use holy basil at least 2 weeks before the date of surgery because basil has a slowing effect of blood clotting. May increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery.

People taking anticoagulants or drugs that slow blood clotting, including aspirin, clopidogra, eoxaparin, heparin, ticlopidine, warfarin, or other drugs, do not consume basil. Because holy basil has the effect of slowing blood clotting. Taking these drugs with holy basil may increase the risk of bruising and bleeding, however enough information has not yet been available on this issue.

People taking pentobarbitol. Should consult a doctor or avoid consuming basil. Because this drug causes drowsiness. If consumed in conjunction with basil, it may cause more drowsiness, however, enough information has not yet been shown on this issue.

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