Get to know “5-ALA”, a nutrient that Japanese people believe can prevent “COVID-19”.


Although there is a vaccine, many parties are interested in making research. To find an alternative to the prevention and prevention of COVID-19 infection, 5-ALA is another promising agent to help prevent COVID-19 infection. 5-ALA has been known and its benefits. Together

Know 5-ALA
5-aminolevulinic acid (5-Aminolevulinic acid) or 5-ALA is a natural amino acid that the body can make by human body and animal including plants. In humans, this amino acid is converted into heme in the body by binding to iron. And bind to the globin protein Until the formation of hemoglobin, which is an important protein in red blood cells Hemoglobin serves to help transport oxygen to generate energy in every part of the body. Therefore, that amino acid is called a source of energy.

Benefits of 5-ALA
Nowadays, 5-ALA is used as a drug component for many diseases, including malaria, diabetes and depression, etc. In addition, substances are used for health purposes as follows:

Help prevent COVID-19 infection.
Based on a joint research between Nagasaki University and pharmaceutical company Neopharma Japan, it was performed in vitro using various concentrations of 5-ALA. Into the cell culture It was found that at one concentration of 5-ALA had a strong inhibitory effect on SARS-CoV-2 virus infection (COVID-19) in both human and animal cell cultures. Moreover, this substance is not cytotoxic at all. At present, 5-ALA supplements are available at most pharmacies in Japan. Further development of 5-ALA is used in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 patients. In the near future too

Inhibition of viral infection in cultured cells by 5-ALA (blue graph showing control unit, red graph showing the effect of 5-ALA in inhibiting viral infection in cultured cells). Inhibit COVID-19 infection In cell culture Helps to enhance energy metabolism in the body

In general, more than 90 percent of ATP is the energy our body needs to perform various activities. It is made up of a very small and important organ called mitochondria (Mitochondria), but as people get older, mitochondria function decreases. Making the energy metabolism work worse Resulting in early aging and getting sick easily Studies have shown that taking 5-ALA can improve mitochondrial function. Resulting in old age slowly and not easily get sick

Foods rich in 5-ALA
Although 5-ALA supplements are available at drugstores in Japan. But these supplements are quite expensive. And long term dietary supplementation may have negative effects on the body. Eating natural foods that contain 5-ALA is a good and safe choice. The foods that contain high amounts of this amino acid are:

100 grams of natto contains about 25 micrograms of 5-ALA.In addition to 5-ALA, natto also contains essential nutrients for keeping the body healthy, including vitamin K, a vitamin that may help prevent coronavirus infection. 19 get bacillus bacteria Natto species Which helps create a good environment in the intestines This results in enhancing the immune system function. And mucous substance Mucin, which enhances cell epithelial function and helps prevent viral infection.

100 grams of spinach contains about 13.8 micrograms of 5-ALA that spinach is a vegetable rich in iron. Thus enhancing 5-ALA to convert to heme as well Therefore, it has increased efficiency in preventing the virus from multiplying in the body.

Red wine
100 grams of red wine contains approximately 110 micrograms of 5-ALA.However, red wine is alcoholic and should not be drunk in excessive amounts.

Black vinegar
Black vinegar is obtained by fermenting brown rice. 100 grams of black vinegar contains about 150 micrograms of 5-ALA. In addition to the value of 5-ALA, black vinegar is also rich in citric acid. Which enhances the energy metabolism system works well Making it less tired and not easy to get sick

In addition to the aforementioned food The following foods, such as octopus (78 mcg / 100 g), squid (38 mcg / 100 g), sake (70-353 mcg / 100 g) and bananas (32 mcg / 100 g), etc. also contain 5-ALA. The dosage is high as well.

Although the food contained very small amounts of 5-ALA compared to the amount used in the trial But the human body can make this substance itself Eating from some food can also give you peace of mind that it will make your body stronger.

Vaccination does not protect against COVID-19 infection. Get a hundred percent Therefore, it is forever imperative to look at your health and stay healthy with the card. Eating all five food groups and supplementing them with essential nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E, K and D, as well as 5-ALA, is probably a good choice to keep you healthy for a long time.

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