Inject “vitamin” into a blood vessel. Life threatening


Department of Medicine by the Institute of Dermatology Warn that injecting vitamin into a vein can be life threatening. Because there is no medical medicine Or which medical supplies have white skin properties Conduction of other substances Come to mix and inject yourself. There is a chance of infection in the bloodstream and having complications.

Dr. Manus Phothaphorn, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services And a spokesperson for the Department of Medical Services revealed that vitamin intravenous injections are widely popular, especially in beauty parlors. It is believed that the methods of administering vitamins or substances Intravenous Will make the body get those vitamins or substances directly Without having to go through the process of absorption at the digestive system There is currently no reliable research to confirm the benefits of IV vitamin percutaneous injection.

Inject “vitamin” into a blood vessel. Life threatening

Female Dr. Minkwan Wichaidit, Director of the Institute of Dermatology, Department of Medical Affairs advised that Injections of vitamins or substances Intravenous Can cause life-threatening From the presence of air bubbles in blood vessels Injection with unclean equipment or not using sterile means. Making it vulnerable to infection Serious allergic reactions can occur. If not in a medical facility, it may not be saved in time.

Symptoms of infection from injection of various substances Enter a vein If the equipment is not clean enough

Initial symptoms that should be watched for include:

– nausea and vomiting

– dizziness

– stomach pain

– palpitations

– broken sweat

– chest tightness

– Difficulty in breathing

– or a rash all over the body

In addition to the administration of any water Intravenous should be performed by a licensed healthcare professional to perform the procedure. Otherwise it could be dangerous.

It can be seen that if the injection of vitamins or substances Intravenous is performed in a medical facility that is not equipped with equipment and medical personnel for surveillance and treatment. In the event of an emergency, there may be danger to the person receiving the injection. If there is an accident that requires urgent treatment

Correct skin care

Correct skin care begins with the correct cleansing of the skin. Drink enough water Apply a nourishing cream as needed to provide the skin with proper hydration. Reduce various factors That may damage the skin, such as avoiding strong sunlight and pollution, etc.

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