“Dopamine-Oxytocin”, the main driver of social addiction


How important is social media to people? When mobile phones become the fifth factor of most people. According to a survey from the website Statista.com exclusively in Thailand, the number of mobile users to access the Internet in 2020 was 52.71 million, and it is expected that in 2025 there will be mobile internet users to Social media access grew to 61.76 million people.

It also found that the reasons people like to like, comment and share stories. Is linked to psychology When developer Rameet Chawla has written a program to like every other Instagram (IG) post showing on his feed. And met with many unexpected results

After 3 months, it appears that he has more than 30 followers or followers per day, totaling more than 2,700 people. When walking outside, people come to greet him because he remembers his face in IG. Ask him to continue to like. While some invited him to a party And someone sent messages telling him to post more. Will have to press like for some in return

Today it is important to like, comment or share messages in the social world. And people in society value When every expression on social media can reach people’s feelings. And makes us feel addicted I have a desire to see more likes, shares, or comments. And I get worried every time when the photo or message I posted doesn’t get attention.

Brain chemicals Social factors

Did you know that the behaviors that make us addicted to social media are It is the result of brain chemicals “dopamine” and “oxytocin”, both of which are hormones secreted by the brain. And affect the behavior of our expression without knowing it.


Dopamine is a hormone secreted by the frontal brain called dopamine. “Hypothalamus” (Hypothalamus), which when it is secreted will affect the mood. And is often referred to as “Hormone of love” because when the dopamine is released, it can produce feelings of satisfaction, joy, love and good feelings. Increasing

Dopamine secretion is more or less dependent on stimuli, such as notifications of bouncing messages that someone has liked. Comment Or share a post This is like rewarding the owner of the post. Resulting in satisfaction And when stimulated, it will be released in larger quantities. Cause addiction Which is an experiment by a research team at the University of Chicago In the usa Found that the influence of dopamine makes us addicted to social media. To the point that you cannot deny your own desires More than people who like to drink or smoke again When the response was not expected, despite having received a positive response previously Therefore becoming irritated and dissatisfied


Oxytocin is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. Was called “Love hormone” as well, because when released from the release of oxytocin causes feelings of love and attachment to others Which tends to be released when it comes into contact with others by kissing or hugging The human brain is able to release 13 percent more oxytocin than normal in just 10 minutes of socializing, which is equivalent to the hormonal levels of the bride who is getting married

It was also found that When we interact positively with others while browsing social media The brain releases more oxytocin. Which can result in reduced levels of stress or anxiety In addition, the feeling of love, trust and empathy increases. Even if they are not talking to each other face to face or touching each other

Because of this, both hormones are easily addicted to social media. Although some people do not know each other in real life But the survey results clearly indicate that people who use social media In particular, 43 percent of Facebook players know that the vast majority of people in the social world can be trusted or trusted.

Why we love posts

Usually people like to talk about themselves. It was found that about 30-40 percent ever liked to express their own opinions in every conversation. But for those of you who use social media, the statistics are even more amazing. When more than 80 percent of people like to talk and comment online!

Why is that so Because in that face to face conversation There are factors of controlling emotions involved. And sometimes we may not have time to figure out the answer promptly while having to keep eye contact with the other person. And keep reading the body language of the other person that is interested in what we are saying or not.

But in the social world Anyone can customize And have time to devise their own words Each of them tries to present themselves in a way that they would like others to see. And want you to think that you are a person like that Easy to observe From each person’s Facebook profile picture Most of which will create an identity to look good. To increase the feeling of self-esteem

Why we like to share

The reason we love to share is because we want to express ourselves. And want to show a close relationship According to the survey, more than 68 percent of people who share a message or news Because they want to tell people what they think How are they people And what are they currently interested in? But the most important reason is that 78 percent of people choose to share a post. It’s because they want to connect with people on social media.

Why do we like to like?

From a survey of the use of Facebook, which has more than 2 billion users, it was found that It has been liked more than 1.13 trillion times. Which causes us to like other people’s posts It is because they want to give value to the people they interact with on the social world. When going to like someone else Received a like back Which creates good feelings for each other

Why do we like comments?

The answer to this is to put them all together. When we have our own social group Thus creating a sense of comfort in expressing their opinions on matters that occur in society At the same time, not having to show your identity as in the real world. The desire to express their opinions was increased. And in the end, it will give many people the courage to express their opinions on all matters. And show yourself Even if someone likes to share and comment on our posts Makes me feel that expressing one’s opinion is valuable And continue to be addicted to feelings like this

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