5 ways to cure chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, easily tired, easily solve as follows !!


Even though we sleep But still feel tired Some days I feel sleepy As if I didn’t sleep enough even though I went to the normal episode at the same time If these symptoms occur, it is possible that our body is going into a period of chronic exhaustion.

Chronic fatigue syndrome Makes the body feel less energetic Lack of concentration on activities Feeling drowsy, drowsy, exhaustion It may be that in the past we lost sleep late and was sick, which only one or two nights of replacement sleep is not enough to make the body recover. Does not give the body symptoms Chronic fatigue, let’s leave each other to see how to take care of yourself better.

1. Reduce eating sweet.

Sugar can accelerate the body’s secretion of stress hormones. If you are a really sweet addict We recommend that you avoid eating natural sugars, such as 100% fruit juice or honey instead. So that the body can reduce stress, which is the cause of chronic fatigue.

2. Reduce caffeine intake

Tea and coffee are beverages that contain a lot of caffeine. If you feel that your body is exhausted You should stop these drinks first. Because caffeine often makes us unable to sleep Which insomnia or insomnia is the main cause that causes exhaustion of the body.

3. Turn off distractions before bed.

Stop playing mobile phones, tablets and sleep lights should be turned off. Because these are the distractions that prevent us from getting enough sleep. I can’t sleep soundly. The best way is to turn off or stop playing on your phone. Tablet and turn off the lights before bedtime is better.

4. Meditation

Meditation is to calm the mind. Not distracted by meditation that will make us fall asleep more deeply. It is more sleep. Which allows the body to rest It can help reduce chronic fatigue.

5. Take some vitamin supplements.

Whenever we feel uncomfortable We may strengthen the body by eating vitamin C. Because vitamin C helps prevent colds or may take B complex vitamins to help maintain various systems. In the body to come back better However, choosing a vitamin supplement each time should consult your doctor for advice. Because taking too many vitamins or not eating properly Instead of having a good result, return a negative result instead

Chronic fatigue syndrome That can happen with all sexes. Therefore, we should be careful with our own body. You should get enough rest, exercise, make your mind comfortable. It will be another way to help the body do not have these symptoms in addition to the five methods recommended above.

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